GenISys Supplies BEAMER to KTH Royal Institute of Technology Raith Voyager System

GenISys leading supplier of advance data preparation solutions (BEAMER) is pleased to announce that KTH Royal Institute of Technology School of Engineering Sciences have purchased the GenISys Beamer data preparation software for use with their Raith Voyager system.

Commenting on the above statement Dr. Erik Holmgren, Research Engineer, Albanova Nanolab at KTH said :

“We recognised after initial discussions with GenISys that the  software was very comprehensive but would be a  demand on our available budget.  GenISys first and foremost concentrated on the technical evaluation aspects and the need to improve our overall lithography efficiency. Due to our heavy work load, we were given an extended evaluation period to assess BEAMER's compatibility with our Raith Voyager system and general lithography flow.

After this extended evaluation the overall improvement, ease of use and amazing flexibility made it a very easy decision for us to go ahead and purchase Beamer. We look forward to further KTH/GenISys collaboration in the future to  develop and expand the Raith Voyager/ GenISys interface further”


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