GenISys’ Quantum issue Published in the “The Lithographer”

“The Lithographer” is a magazine which references direct-write lithography and nanofabrication, published by Heidelberg Instruments.  The latest Quantum issue of “The Lithographer” has been released recently.

This issue features a GenISys’ article "BEAMER - Electron Beam Lithography Enabling Quantum Devices".

This article describes how electron beam lithography software (BEAMER) enables quantum devises to be optimized for exposure using key exposure parameters (field positioning, exposure order control, proximity and process correction) for a wide range of different applications.

In the electronic version below, you can read the article. If you want to subscribe to the magazine and to get the download links for the entire version, please click here:

The edition also features other interesting articles and interviews which address these key fabrication challenges, focusing on new ideas and techniques for the fabrication of quantum devices.

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