LAB Simulation of Proximity Lithography


Qing Tan, Aditya Reddy – GenISys GmbH


Proximity lithography is an important photolithography technique for manufacturing integrated circuit and MEMS Systems. Experimental layout optimization and process development is highly time consuming and cost intensive. Lithography simulation allows access to numerous virtual experiment results in a short period of time and thereby significantly reducing development and production cost, and time to market by fast virtual exploration of a large parameter space. This webinar focuses on demonstration of LAB as a simulation tool for proximity lithography.

LAB allows full lithography process simulation accurately, including bulk intensity and 3D resist profile. From analysis of intensity or resist development, it has shown its power in layout and process optimization. Process issues have been resolved:

  • avoid proximity artifacts
  • optimize resist features, e.g. sidewall angle
  • design greyscale pattern
  • reduce the influence of non-flat substrate
  • enhance the process resolution via OPC

Moreover, LAB is available for other lithography techniques modeling: projection and laser lithography.