BEAMeeting MNE 2021 - Turin, Italy

The MNE2020 conference in Leuven had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, HOWEVER - the 47th MNE Conference will be held in Turin, Italy from September 20th to 23rd this year! Therefore, our traditional BEAMeeting at MNE will take place on 20th September 2021 both on site in Turin and ONLINE!

We look forward to inviting you to visit our booth (Nr. 3) and to attend our BEAMeeting! If you are unable to attend the conference in person, please take part in the online BEAMeeting. This as usual will be the great opportunity to meet other e-beam and laser exposure tool users. The GenISys team will be present for in-depth discussions and we always welcome new ideas to meet with your future technology needs and wish list items.

      Date:                 September 20, 2021
      Place:              Turin, Italy
      Platform:        Microsoft TEAMS (invitation will be sent after registration, shortly before the event)

REGISTRATION - On Site and On-Line

This BEAMeeting will be open to participants world-wide. We will have presentations from our Munich, Asia-Pacific and USA teams, plus we welcome user presentations related to E-Beam, Laser, and Nanolithography. This is also a great opportunity for customers to present their latest results and new ideas, so please let us know ( if you would like to present a particular subject which would be of interest to the Beamer/LAB/ProSEM community.

A detailed agenda will be announced later. Please stay tuned to our website and follow GenISys LINKEDIN.

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