Online BEAMeeting March 2021

The GenISys Online BEAMeeting 2021 was successfully held on March 15th and 16th, 2021.

This year’s meeting had a high registration with participants joining on a Worldwide basis. The program consisted of 2 training sessions and 17 GenISys and User presentations. Many thanks to all who have contributed, especially to the user presentation!

The following are the BEAMeeting materials including presentations and recorded videos.

BEAMeeting Presentations

  • Welcome GenISys Update (PDF)
  • Photonics Best Practice to Improve Device (PDF / Video)
  • Generation of very long Waveguides and Spirals and how to Process Nanostructures (PDF / Video)
  • Floating Field (PDF / Video)
  • LAB: E-Beam Lithography Simulation to Optimize Nanoparticle Self Assembly Devices (PDF / Video)
  • Photonic Crystal Shape Fidelity Optimization (PDF / Video)
  • Which PEC? (PDF / Video)
  • Exposure of Dot Array GDS (Raith) by E-beam Lithography - BEAMER functions (PDF / Video)
  • Advanced PEC Parameters (PDF / Video)
  • Product Update (PDF / Video)
  • Beamer for Automated Inspection Tools (PDF)
  • Maskless Grayscale Lithography (Video)
  • Bend the Curve - the Benefit of Optical Proximity Correction in Direct Writing Lithography (PDF)
  • ProSEM for Measuring and Analyzing Arrays (PDF / Video)


More webinars will follow, so please follow us on LinkedIn.

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